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Lodge Update – Winter 2021

We have also installed an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) at the lodge to benefit those staying at the lodge as well as the broader Falls Creek community. There is signage at the front door and it has been registered with Ambulance Victoria. It is important to understand that the defibrillator is an adjunct to First Aid and CPR rather than a substitute. A report by Ambulance Victoria clearly shows that survivability of cardiac arrests is most fundamentally improved by being responded to quickly by people able to apply CPR prior to First Responders / Paramedics arriving.

Something we’ve been working on for a couple of years now is to find a way to provide more lockers for members. The solution, after working through several options, has been to re-arrange our use of space in the laundry. Out has gone the old galvanised stores cupboard that has done many decades service. In its place will ultimately be ten new lockers and a new “corner pantry” style stores cupboard. Six have been installed and in spring a new stores cupboard and the remaining four lockers will be installed.


Lodge Update – Winter 2019

The ski-room refit that was commenced in November last year was completed this year with a full wall of button ski racks being installed at the May work party.

This provides for 25 pairs of alpine skis which, together with the 10 snow-board “cam locks” on the adjacent wall to the right and the dedicated XC ski area to the left, should accommodate everyone’s needs.

The bike racks that we installed in November last year saw good service over the summer with several groups taking advantage of the cycling opportunities around the high plains and beyond.

Ski room

Lodge Update – Summer 2019

We’ve now installed Australian designed “SteadyRacks” for bicycle storage in the drying room. The racks support the front wheel of the bike from the outside rather than hooking through the rim, so bikes with lightweight aluminium or carbon-fibre wheels are supposed without damage to rims. The racks can accommodate all standard road and hybrid bikes with 700c or 650b wheels and mountain bikes using 20 – 29 inch wheels with tyre widths up to 2.4 inches.

Also to support summer cyclists we now have a bike vice attached to the work-bench to help with any maintenance or repairs needed to keep your cycling holiday on track. This has been set up to be removable for winter to free things up for ski & snowboard waxing & tuning.


Lodge Update 1 – Winter 2018

Members and guests arriving at the Lodge this winter will notice a few changes this year!

In the drying room we now have two 2-tier clothes racks, mesh panels for gloves, hats and scarves, a new boot rack for adult ski and snowboard boots and extra shelves on the back wall for children’s boots, XC boots and helmets.  We are also trialing a dehumidifier.

In the ski room we are trialing a new type of ski rack that will accommodate different ski widths.  Simply clip your skis together using the ski brakes and hang the toe-piece of the bindings over the button, making sure that the outer ski is supported by the ski brakes.  If your ski brakes don’t lock together, use a Velcro strap to hold the skis together.  Hang your poles over the ski tips.

Drying Room Panorama 1 web

Lodge Update 2 – Winter 2018

We are continuing to improve the environmental performance of our lodge and the resort as a whole.

We have installed LED strip lighting in the kitchen, and replaced incandescent and halogen lights with LED throughout the lodge. The lodge lighting is now around 90% LED.  The reading lights in the bed-rooms will also be fitted with LED globes during the season.

To reduce the amount of organic waste entering landfill we have sub-divided the rubbish bin into “Organic Waste” and “Rubbish”.  There are signs inside the bin holder showing what counts as organic waste however the simple guide is that anything that was living (plant or animal matter) can go in it.

Photo 20-5-18, 9 04 47 am web

Upgraded summer recreational facilities at Falls Creek

There has been a significant investment on the mountain to offer a range of summer activities for visitors to Falls Creek. Most notable are the 40 km of new single-track mountain bike trails that wind their way (somewhat scarily in places) down the village side of the mountain as far as Howmans Gap.

For those who don’t like riding uphill, there is now a shuttle service that takes riders back to the tops of the trails once they finish their descents.  This service runs every weekend until the end of April 

Bikes can be hired from Milch Cafe and from the Slalom Day Car Park.

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