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Ski season

The Peak Season extends from the last weekend in July through the first weekend in September, and also includes the Victorian school holidays in June/July.

The Incentive Season is the balance of the ski season.

There is a Preferential Booking Period when:

  • Members and their immediate family have preference over guests.
  • Weekly bookings have preference over shorter stays.
  • There is no “first come first served” – the booking officer will consult with you if necessary in an effort to accommodate everyone. If there are more bookings than beds in a particular period, and changes cannot be negotiated with members, allocation will be based on a ballot.

For the rest of the ski season Members can book online. (Note that only members can book online.)

Summer season

Members can book online at any time.

The lodge is unavailable to members for the Three Peaks weekend (Labour Day weekend in March).


Members can book family members and other visitors without staying in the lodge at the same time, as long as the visitors are familiar with the lodge and its rules of operation.

Please consult the Booking Secretary for further information if you wish to make a booking of this nature.

Contact Info

Address: 16 Parallel Street Falls Creek
Facebook: Carey Alpine Club

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